TBCAC was formed in June 2001 to protest the SRA's decision to seek legislation imposing an expensive sewer system on lake residents. The SRA requested legislation, which ultimately became House Bill 1994 of the 2001 session, without any public input and without documentation that Toledo Bend Lake was being polluted.  TBCAC worked hard to present accurate information about the sewage issue, brought lake residents together and successfully killed SRA's attempt to impose this sewer system.  The TBCAC continued to educate and activate citizens on issues affecting the quality of life in the communities surrounding Toledo Bend Reservoir.


Current and Past Projects and Status Updates

  • During a Special Session in 2002, TBCAC opposed and was instrumental in stopping House Bill 151, which would have given authority on economic and industrial development and tourism issues to a privately-held corporation. The effect of this Bill would have taken away all authority on these important issues from elected officials such as mayors, police juries, etc.
  • Through the efforts of the TBCAC and others, Executive Order MJF 03-14 was issued by Louisiana Governor Mike Foster in 2004 to establish the Toledo Bend Reservoir Conservation Pool Advisory Council within the executive department, Office of the Governor. Ultimately, this council was successful in establishing a conservation pool level and/or the prohibition of hydro-electric power by the SRA when the mean sea level of Toledo Bend Reservoir is below 168 feet.

  • In 2012, the TBCAC was instrumental in bringing lake residents together to stop a proposed water sale agreement between the SRA-Louisiana and Toledo Bend Partners, L.P., a private Texas water broker.  Louisiana SB 436, passed on 05/22/12 requires the SRA-Louisiana to obtain legislative committee and local government approval for out-of-state water sales.
  • The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD) was  engaged in a "small construction project" along the Lanana Bridge roadside.  This project was targeted at stabilizing the shoulder of the road by placing large chunks of broken concrete along the roadside, between the road and the Toledo Bend Reservoir.  The DOTD did not appear to have implemented  Best Management Practices to prevent the uncontrolled runoff of silt and sediment into the lake, as required by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LADEQ) regulation, LAC 33:IX2511.B.15.  The TBCAC submitted a letter to the LADEQ, requesting a regulatory review of this construction project, for the purpose of preserving the quality of the waters of Toledo Bend. 
  • The Sabine River Authority of La. (SRA) Board of Commissioners, at their March 27, 2014 meeting, approved a permit fee increase for annual water withdrawal from the lake. The fee was increased effective July 1, 2014 from $50.00 to $100.00 per year. It is the only permit fee increase for water withdrawal that the SRA has ever enacted. It now matches the annual water withdrawal fee that the SRA of Texas has had in place for several years. Prior to the approval of the permit fee increase, the SRA solicited public comments regarding the proposed increase and only five people responded. TBCAC will continue to follow developments within the SRA and provide information that we obtain to our membership.