More information will be provided as the plan is developed and implemented.  If your structure or water pump etc. is missing a permit plate, you may get a free replacement plate at the SRA-LA Pendleton Bridge Office.  They will issue you a new plate with a new number and record it in their permit files.  The new guidelines can be viewed on the website, then click on the application/pdf icon Shoreline Management Plan at the bottom. The website page takes a while for them to come up, so be patient.  SRA asks that you please make sure your green and white "permit plate," issued for each of your structures, is plainly visible from the lakeside of your facility. The SRA Leaseback Committee will recommend to the Board of Commissioners that no further increases in permit fees be initiated until the new shoreline management guidelines have been in place for at least one year.  During this time, data will be accumulated relative to SRA-LA costs in enacting and enforcing the new guidelines.  After sufficient information is collected, SRA-LA will reassess costs and determine if present permit fee charges are sufficient or increases are needed to meet the goals of the new Shoreline Management Plan.

The TBCAC will continue to follow developments within the SRA’s of Louisiana and Texas and provide information to our membership.

On September 25, 2014, the Sabine River Authorities of Louisiana and Texas adopted a resolution to clarify and modify, as appropriate, certain requirements of the new Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) 50-year operating license for the Toledo Bend Joint Operating Project. The new license was issued on August 29, 2014. The TBCAC Board of Directors voted to send a letter to FERC stating the position of TBCAC relative to the SRA resolutions. That letter was sent to FERC on October 1, 2014 stating that the SRA resolutions give broad authority to the Executive Director of the SRA of Louisiana and General Manger of the SRA of Texas to seek clarification and rehearing related to terms and conditions of the new FERC operating license. The TBCAC requested assurance from FERC that, if any changes or modifications are requested by either the SRA of Louisiana or the SRA of Texas, that the public have ample time to make comments regarding any such changes or modifications before they are approved by FERC. 

Article 411 of the FERC Relicensing Agreement requires the SRA’s of both Louisiana and Texas to assess and address encroachments (habitable structure or sewer facility) and unpermitted structures on leaseback lands.  They have been given until February 23, 2015 to file a plan to accomplish this task.  SRA of LA leaseback lands include 600 miles of shoreline and approximately 4,500 known permits.  Their initial plan is to fly the shoreline and eliminate areas where no known or visible structures exist.  Then they will visually inspect structures via boat and on-the-ground inspection.

To develop the plan, SRA-LA ran a preliminary test inspection of 53 structures just north of the Pendleton Bridge.  The inspection revealed 19 issues, encroachments, or violations, such as missing permit plates, falling structures, and non-permitted structures or sewer plants, some of which may be situated on leaseback property.  SRA plans to request 5 years to complete the encroachment assessment, however it is unlikely they will be granted this much time.
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